Myrtle Sewalong

A few weeks ago I found this pattern on Pinterest and I just FELL. IN. LOVE. It is so elegant and looks like it will be super easy to make. I bought the pattern the other day and have been scouring the internet to see what others have made already. I have just recently felt [...]

Beach Goddess Maxi Dress Finish!

Beach Maxi Dress

Wow! Making this dress was fun. I grabbed Rae Hoekstra’s Beach Goddess Maxi Dress Tutorial. It took me about an hour and a half, maybe two hours to make this. I ended adding some straps to it because I typically find myself pulling up on the dress throughout the day to make sure it stays [...]

Update on the t-shirt pattern

So, since my last post last year was about a t-shirt pattern I had found but I never gave my results I figured I would share them. First, the pattern was REALLY easy to follow and I made the shirt in a pretty short amount of time. Since there weren’t that many pieces it only [...]