Great Tshirt Pattern

Blank Canvas Tee from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

Lately I have been sewing up a bunch of clothes instead of the usual quilts and purses. I’m actually finding that I really enjoy it. Well, I have been searching for just a regular ol’ t-shirt pattern even if I have to pay for it. Luckily I came across this t-shirt pattern from 3 Hours [...]

Nothing but inspiration!

Gypsy Caravan

I love the world and all of it’s interesting and beautiful things. I was browsing the web tonight and I came across this blog. I had never been there before, but it really blew me out of the water with all of the beautiful images, all around the color purple. Purple is one of my [...]

I just couldn’t wait

Carrie's Staple Dress

Well, I just couldn’t wait. I ended up making the Staple Dress (pattern by April Rhodes). I really liked her dress and the material she used that I couldn’t wait. I was thinking I would give it a few weeks, but I have been having this bug to sew a bunch lately. I’m okay with [...]