Reusable lunch bags


Now that my daughter is back in school we had to get her a new lunchbox. Her old Hello Kitty one was getting nasty from all the spilled milk and food. The new lunch box is pretty nice. It has a liner that is harder so the box won’t get smashed. A draw back to […]

Super Mario Bros Quilt Finish!

Super Mario Bros Quilt Finish

Well, it’s been over two years in the making and it’s finally done. The top came out great, but the minky I got to go along with it for the backing was a bit too small in width. It’s okay. My daughter still likes it anyways. Here are the results. Not my best work, but […]

Myrtle Sewalong

A few weeks ago I found this pattern on Pinterest and I just FELL. IN. LOVE. It is so elegant and looks like it will be super easy to make. I bought the pattern the other day and have been scouring the internet to see what others have made already. I have just recently felt […]